23 March 1953

"Life is a mighty joke. He who knows this can hardly be understood by others. He who does not know it finds himself in a state of delusion. He may ponder over this problem day and night but will find himself incapable of knowing it. Why? Because people take life seriously, and God lightly; whereas we must take God seriously and life lightly. Then we know that we always were the same and will ever remain the same . . . the Originator of this Joke. This Knowledge is not achieved by reasoning, but it is the Knowledge of Experience."

— Meher Baba
(The God-Man)

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1 March 1954 Baba gives discourse, “What Baba Means by Real Work” at Rajahmundry, Andhra.
2 March 1953 Baba crosses the Ganges near Rishikesh in a small rowboat. In order to pay his respects to sadhus residing on the other side.
3 March 1954 Baba's message "Word of Words" is read out at Kakinada Andhra.
7 March 1948 Baba visits Wambori and distributes 583 bundles of grain. He also washes the feet of nearly 600 men and women. From February 16th through March 7th, a total of 4,049 bundles of grain are distributed to the poor in various places.
13 March 1956 Baba works intensely with two masts (God-intoxicated souls).
13 March 1959 Baba gives darshan to 1400 students of St. Joseph’s High School in Wadala, Bombay (Mumbai). Later he visits the Industrial Home for the Blind. He embraces each blind person there and advises them to ask not for physical sight but true sight.
15 March 1948 Baba contacts masts in Bombay.
18 March 1924 For several days Baba roams about Itarsi alone for his inner work. This is perhaps the only time in Meher Baba’s adult life that he was left alone to travel, as per his wish.
20 March 1940 Baba instructed both men and women mandali to fast with Him for one day (two cups of tea in the morning; ice cream in the afternoon: two cups of tea in the evening).
21 March 1853 Meher Baba’s father, Sheriar Moondegar Irani, is born.
21 March 1925 The Meher Charitable Dispensary and Hospital is opened at Meherabad. Treatment is free and all castes are welcome.
21 March 1952 The Manonash phase of Baba's work ends and the Complicated Free Life begins in which bindings dominate freedom and weakness dominates strength.
22 March 1927 A distinguished Gujarati writer, Sohrabji Desai, collects dust from Baba’s feet. At Baba’s request Sohrabji and Behram Jamshed Irani (Baily) co-authored a biography of Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj. It was entitled "Sakorina Sadguru" and was published in 1923.
22 March 1950 Despite the rainy and stormy weather, Baba contacts 225 sadhus, saints and mahatmas near Hardwar. This is during the New Life Phase of Baba’s life.
24 March 1932 Baba sets off on his second trip to the West.
25 March 1922 Baba asks the mandali to break Nervous’ bicycle into pieces and throw it in a well. Later all come to find out that when the bicycle was smashed and broken and thrown into the well, Baily had narrowly missed drowning in a nearby well.
25 March 1925 Hazrat Babajan School opens for Arangaon children.
25 March 1928 Baba’s ashram for boys, the Prem Ashram, is formally established on Meherabad Hill.
27 March 1951 Coming from Mahabaleshwar Baba stays for the first time in Guruprasad, Poona (Pune), the summer palace of the Maharani of Baroda. After 1957, Baba and the mandali generally stay in Guruprasad for the summer months each year up until 1968.
30 March 1948 Baba arrives in Calcutta to contact masts there.